I'm experiencing an issue / I receive an error code.

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  • Technical Issues

    Please try the following troubleshooting steps, as they may help you overcome the issue:

    1. Switch to a different browser.
    2. Ensure you are not using your browser in incognito mode.
    3. Disable any browser extensions. Ad-blocking extensions typically cause troubles when using Remini Web—that's why we suggest turning them off while using our website.
    4. Verify the stability of your internet connection.
    5. Make sure that you're accessing Remini Web through this link.

    📌 If you still need help, you're welcome to send us a screenshot or screen recording that could show the issue. Please note that if this proves to be a bug, the time required for a fix can vary based on several factors, including its reproducibility, severity, and complexity. Addressing such issues typically involves thorough analysis, testing, and monitoring. Therefore, while we will prioritize reporting and analyzing any problem that arises, we cannot provide an estimated resolution time.

  • Error Codes

    If you’re getting a failure message, it could be due to the following reasons:

    1. The format of the image isn’t accepted. In this case, we suggest changing images or exporting the same one in a different format. Remini accepts most formats, including PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, WEBP, PSD, HEIC, HEIF and AVIF for pictures, and Quicktime (QTFF), MP4 and MOV for videos.

    2. The uploaded photo isn’t a suitable size for enhancement on Remini. Our AI currently processes photos with a maximum size of 2048*2048 pixels, and any image exceeding this limit is compressed to fit. We recommend that you check the size of the photo you uploaded and resize it if necessary. 

    📌 We're eager to help resolve this issue. However, if these steps don't work, we may not be able to provide a personalized fix. The problem you're experiencing could be temporary and specific to your situation. We suggest trying again later and ensuring you are following all the steps above.


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