What is the AI toolbar and how can I use it to improve my enhancements?

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Our brand new toolbar is always available for you to adjust and improve your enhancement. Once your enhanced image is ready, you’ll find several available functions on the left side of your screen:

  • Face Enhance: our brand new tool to improve even the slightest detail of the faces included in your media.


  • Beautify: a range of subtle filters that can be applied to faces. Give them a try to find the best look for you and make the subject of your pictures really stand out!


  • Background Enhance: the AI technology we rely on to enhance the surroundings in your media. Its improved v1 version is applied by default to your enhancement, but you can choose the Base filter for a lighter result.


  • Color Correction: a broad range of effects to adjust the colors in your pictures and give them a creative touch.


  • Pre-applied settings: save your preferred settings as default and spare time on your next enhancements!


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