I'm not satisfied with my enhancement's quality.

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Our AI works wonders in most cases. However, there are some particular photos that might not get the results you were looking for. These may include the following:

  • Media that is too damaged, blurred, stained, or of very low quality
  • Media with faces that are too blurred, despite the other elements in it being of a suitable quality
  • Media showing the reverse or silhouette of a person, as our AI works best on faces and face-on images
  • Oversized images, as our AI currently processes photos with a maximum size of 2048*2048 pixels, and any image exceeding this limit is compressed to fit

Whenever you get an unsatisfying result on Remini Web, we encourage you to reach out to our Support team by filling in our dedicated form and possibly including the following:

  • A link to the enhancement you’d like to show us (on your enhancement screen, tap or click Download, then Share and copy-paste the link in your email to us)
  • The device and browser you’re using

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